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Allan O’Neal, Sacramento
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Greg Petrush, West Sacramento
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When buying a forklift in Sacramento you can find great deals on new lift trucks from top manufacturers and on used or refurbished lift trucks in excellent condition. When choosing whether you want to buy a new or used forklift you need to think about your budget, the intensity with which you intend to use the truck and multiple other considerations. Will you be using the forklift in between narrow aisles? Does it require a sideloader? What kind of terrain will it be running on? Is propane forklift or electric forklift best for your setting?

A reputable Sacramento forklifts dealer will be able to go over all these concerns with you. You can request an inspection of your facilities to make sure that they provide you with the best assessment of your requirements.

If you are on a tight budget and only require a lift truck for a limited time project, forklifts rentals are available as well. For example, our dealership rents an extensive selection of quality lift trucks.

If, however you are buying a forklift for an intensive long-term use, new truck is probably the better option as in the long run it will be a more solid investment for your business. There are also various leasing, rent-to-own and financing plans that you could qualify for.